Jewel Match Twilight 3 Collector’s Edition

Take a chill down your spine with this eerie Match-3 mission!

Give you a chill down your spine... Try this spine-tingling, spooky Match-3 mission that will make your skin crawl. Explore spooky settings and renovate abandoned structures, but watch out for roving monsters in the shadowy territory. Explore expansive levels to get the items you need to finish your quest. Discover keys to open hidden passageways, make use of powerful power-ups, and solve puzzles that will make your head spin in this cutting-edge Match-3 game! Unlock hidden item and jigsaw minigames and win eerie decorations by playing puzzle and crystal levels! Explore the levels' deepest caverns to find ghost balloons, conveyor belts, lava vials, and more! Jewel Match Twilight 3 will have your hair standing on end as you search the dank, spider webby recesses of every last level for cash and gems! 180 massive levels to explore!





- 55 new bonus stages including fresh gameplay elements!
- Three distinct play modes: restricted moves, relaxing, and timed!
- There are two difficulty levels available: normal and advanced.
- Restore nine spooky scenes.
- Purchase numerous enhancements and boosts from the store.
- Replayable minigames, such as hidden object scenes and jigsaw puzzles.
- Gorgeous yet eerie wallpapers.
- The soundtrack is haunting.

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