Jewel Match Solitaire X Collector’s Edition

Discover an amazing cosmos as you play this new Solitaire adventure!

In this brand-new Solitaire game, discover a fantastical setting and bring magnificent castles back to life! Play more than a thousand levels, including the brand-new Sliding level type, and get access to both traditional and novel solitaire game kinds, such as Daisy Garden, Fanny, and Carlton! Play Mahjong and Match-2 levels, as well as Supersize and Challenge levels. You have to go past obstacles like vines, elevator and frozen cards, thorns, chains, and ribbons to collect the extra jewels and cash in each level. Stop by the store to get customized accessories to help you on your journey. Select from four distinct game types and an assortment of card decks. To purchase new improvements for every scenario, search for gems and coins after each level.





- Over a thousand solitaire levels!
- Six traditional solitaire games, including Freecell, Spider, and Klondike
- Eighteen more variations of Solitaire, such as 32 Thieves or Deuces
- 120 additional replayable Mahjong levels!
- Ten magnificent palaces to construct.
- Play in four distinct game modes: Timed, Relaxed, Hard, and Normal.
- Explore the recently introduced sliding levels.
- Play match-2, supersize, and challenge bonus levels.
- Fulfill objectives. Select from a variety of card decks to play with.
- Get stunning desktop wallpapers by unlocking them.
- Soothe yourself with a calming soundtrack.

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