Jewel Match Royale

In a royal match-3 game, restore castles!

Restore opulent castles in this match-3 fantasy! Navigate enormous levels to assist Matthew, the royal gardener's son, in obtaining Princess Sofia's hand in marriage. Even though Matthew is wealthy, the aristocracy still views him as a commoner, and the only way he may rise to the status of a nobleman is to accept the challenge issued by ruling Queen Meredith to restore the kingdom's long-abandoned inheritance castles and estates. To add a personal touch to every restoration, buy exclusive power-ups from the Shop and utilize extra materials earned from bonus games. Matthew becomes one step closer to his ambition of marrying his beloved Sofia when each remodelling is completed successfully and he is bestowed with a higher noble position, from humble Knight to honoured Duke!





- Discover 120 expansive levels
- 3 distinct play modes: timed, relaxed, and move-limited!
- Beautiful wallpapers depicting the royal estates of Nerinia
- 54 re-playable bonus games, including Mahjong
- Purchase 7 exclusive power-ups from the Royal Shoppe
- Calm symphonic soundtrack

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