Jewel Match Naturescapes

Welcome to such a beautiful country!
Restore the kingdom's stunning sceneries by playing Match 3!

Although the land you've found is incredibly beautiful, the surroundings are desolate. Play across expansive stages while gathering resources to replenish magnificent sceneries and bring the lovely kingdom back to life! Play jigsaw puzzles and bonus hidden object minigames, and stop by the store to buy a variety of objects to aid you in exploring each region. In each level, you can also look for additional rewards by searching the optional garden! Take in the calming orchestral music while searching every level for stars to reveal unique decorations unique to each setting.





- 120 expansive levels
- 100 extra bonus levels with new game elements
- Three distinct play modes: timed, relaxed, and move-limited!
- There are two difficulty levels available: normal and veteran.
- Play replayable minigames, unlock wallpapers for each of the six beautiful landscapes to restore, and enjoy the unique scrolling board gameplay with optional goals! Calm instrumental background music

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