Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 Collector’s Edition

Dive into a captivating underworld where the ordinary fades with Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 Collector's Edition

Embark on a captivating Match-3 adventure into a world beneath the surface where the mundane is whisked away! Within this captivating underwater realm, a myriad of challenging Match-3 puzzles awaits discovery, guiding you through vibrant coral gardens and breathtaking underwater vistas.

As you delve deeper, gather shimmering gems to revitalize a magnificent underwater estate, breathing life into its splendor. Explore the mesmerizing depths where essential resources await, accompanied by challenging riddles, intriguing spot-the-difference scenes, and intricate jigsaw puzzles. Equip yourself with an array of formidable power-ups from the store to aid your journey across the boundless ocean.

Delve into an array of innovative gameplay features, including submarines, sturdy walls, moving conveyor belts, cunning octopuses, and more! Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of a charming background score as you navigate a diverse array of Match-3 challenges. "Jewel Match Aquascapes 2" beckons, where tranquility intertwines with thrilling puzzles, inviting you on an aquatic odyssey!




- Two hundred expansive levels to explore!
- Unlock sixty additional bonus stages and discover new game elements!
- Choose from three distinct game modes: restricted moves, relaxed, and timed!
- Customize your experience with three difficulty options: standard, advanced, and insane.
- Enhance your gameplay with a variety of potent boosts and upgrades available in the in-game shop.
- Enjoy replayable mini-games, including intriguing spot-the-difference sequences and jigsaw puzzles.

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