Jake Everest 2: Gunung Padang The Unseen Civilization

Discover what wonders might have been lost to history by traveling with Jake on his next trip!

Come along on yet another amazing adventure with archeologist and explorer Jake Everest! After his last excursion, Jake has gone back to work protecting artifacts from would-be thieves. On his most recent expedition, he discovers an intriguing relic with old runes engraved on it. Upon seeing similar glyphs at the ancient site of Gunung Padang, he boards an aircraft to investigate the connection. His work there will enable the archeological team to unearth secrets they never would have imagined. The exciting journey filled with ruins and antiques is one of the trip's highlights. New enemies and allies join Jake on his adventure.
- Test your skills in challenging match-3 games to earn resources.
- Finish 5 fascinating chapters to unlock fresh enhancements. Uncover mysteries that might have been forgotten by time!

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