Hope Lake

Track down a lunatic and halt his rampage of criminal activity.

The Hope Lake Boarding School was abandoned long ago when one of its teachers accidentally drowned. Many years later, many of the female students began to disappear one by one. Visit the place where it all began. Try to pick up the maniac’s trail and put a stop to his crime spree. Shed light on the dark events of the past and unravel the mystery of the crime.


With an exciting plot, unusual puzzles, and fascinating hidden object scenes, Hope Lake will delight those who love the hidden object genre, and the terrific background music gives this game a unique charm that will plunge you deeper into the immersive mystery of the Hope Lake Boarding School!





- 48 beautiful locations depicting the abandoned boarding school and its surroundings in grand detail.
- 18 hidden object scenes and 26 unique minigames.

- An interactive map to help you better investigate the area and more quickly move around the boarding school.
- A flashlight, an essential item for every detective.
- Over 6 hours of gameplay!

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750 MB

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