Riddles of The Past

Discover the secrets of Riverside, the forgotten town that has been abandoned.

A young dancer named Emily Hanson found herself at an unfamiliar town's train station ten years ago, unsure of her identity or origins. She was able to adapt, blend in, and have a fulfilling, typical life over time. till the memories and secrets of the past were reawakened by a few pieces discovered in an old photo album. The premise of this game, which is full of riddles and secrets, odd puzzles, exciting moments, and a heartwarming love tale, will delight both genre veterans and newcomers alike. The realistic visuals and excellent audio will totally transport you to this town's enigmatic atmosphere, leaving no lasting impression!The game offers players an immersive experience in an abandoned city through its 52 stunning locations transformed by the absence of people. It also features unique gameplay elements that turn every game setting into a hidden objects scene. Players can navigate the city quickly with the help of an interactive map. Discovered memories are saved and can be accessed at any time.

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