Helga The Viking Warrior: Rise of the Shield-Maiden

Track Helga's path and help her make allies so she can vanquish her enemies!

Helga grew up in a tranquil setting until her parents were abducted by a malevolent character who overran her village. Since then, she has been preparing to become a warrior in order to exact revenge on her family and retake her country. Now is the time for her to finally get revenge at him, and Ragnar Lodbrok himself will soon notice what she's done. If he and Helga can form an alliance, they will be unbeatable. If Helga is to truly bring about freedom, she will have to face far more terrifying adversaries than a rapacious warrior, since darker forces are stirring in the shadows.





- An exciting journey undertaken by a Viking warrior

- Match-3 puzzles that are difficult to solve

- 20 enhancements that Helga can acquire as she works toward her goal

- There are new people to meet and places to explore

- Enjoy five chapters with a renowned Viking warrior

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