Great Match-3 Games Pack

The best match-3 collection ever assembled!

This exciting bundle includes three fantastic match-3 games! These four titles will keep you engaged for hours with their unique gameplay and wonderful graphics...RunefallExplore the realm of Silverdale in this revolutionary new match-3 adventure that combines classic matching with discovery, item gathering, and even quests! Traverse massive regions, gather resources, conquer difficulties, and improve Rivermoor.Silver TaleEmbark on a fantasy trip across the realm. Solve quests, gather rare artefacts, construct improvements, and even create new stuff! Explore vast levels in pursuit of the things required to conquer difficulties. In this creative new match-3 experience, find keys to unlock treasure boxes, use powerful power-ups, and tackle mind-bending puzzle problems! Explore the kingdom's deepest caves in search of the rare silver holly plants that will save the King's life! Silver Tale takes the match-3 genre to new heights! Hexus Explore the fabled Egyptian treasures while immersed in the unique atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Plan the development of a big city and become its king! You'll be able to concentrate solely on puzzle-solving thanks to a slew of committed assistants. Customize the city with a variety of design and décor options, and create the ideal avatar with the face generator and clothes shop. As you rise to power as Queen or Pharoah, you will embark on an epic Egyptian journey. Robin's Island AdventureEscape from a desolate island in this fun and adventurous Hidden Object game! In Robins Island Adventure, you must survive in the perilous jungle and return home. Complete a sequence of Match 3 and Hidden Object stages as you build a home, find food, and collaborate with the island's inhabitants. Can you build a boat strong enough to get you back to civilization?

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