Great Match-3 Games Pack Volume 2

It has returned!
The best match-3 collection ever assembled!

This exciting bundle contains four fantastic match-3 games! These four products will keep you engaged for hours with their unique gameplay and lovely graphics...



Explore the dungeons of Cliffmont Castle in this intriguing new match-3 adventure! As you search the depths for priceless materials to help repair the castle that was wrecked by the dark dragon master Dragor, you will traverse vast levels and overcome dozens of challenges. Fight foes, explore tunnels, and solve puzzles with the help of your lone ally, Finley the Leprechaun and his dwarves.


MatchVentures 2

Unravel the secrets of Cliffmont Castle in this enchanting match-3 adventure! On your trek through the huge dungeons, explore extensive levels, obtain valuable treasures, and solve hard riddles. But be wary: the terrible Dragon Master Dragor has returned to Crimson Valley with his evil legion. Fight against adversaries, explore strange tunnels, and build strongholds to defend the realm from the evil invasion with the help of Finley the Leprechaun.


Rory's Restaurant

Rory just graduated from culinary school, but she's too broke to pay off her student loans! She then decides to create her own tiny eatery to help pay off her debts! Enter Rory's Restaurant, a fantastic Match 3 and cooking game! This game has genres that you're sure to enjoy and are probably already familiar with: Match 3, Hidden Object, and a tapping minigame!


Rory's Restaurant - Winter Rush

Follow Rory as she returns to her hometown following the success of her first restaurant!Serve 18 distinct international recipes to the eccentric clientele and impatient VIPs. Minigames such as hidden item and dessert serving are also available. Rory's Restaurant Winter Rush has an incredible mix of Match 3 game cooking theme that everyone enjoys!

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