Gaslamp Cases 7: The Faith of Rasputin

Join Morgan and his colleagues as they try to solve the mystery of Rasputin's power!

Something strange is happening in London. An illegal drug spreads throughout the city, causing users to become aggressive and violent. At the same time, a secret religious group is disseminating it while denouncing everyone who disagrees with them. The chemical has been linked to a well-known Russian healer and mystic named Grigori Rasputin. Morgan Johnson, who has solved numerous complex murders, chooses to investigate Rasputin with his associates Jack Brown and Eleanor May. As they find, Rasputin is not only powerful but also seductive. Even within their group, people disagree on what to believe.





- A new case featuring Morgan and his associates.

- Put your skills to the test with exciting match-3 puzzles.

- As their fates interweave, more individuals join the story.

- Look for answers to uncover the truth before it's too late!

- 20 upgrades to follow Morgan's investigation throughout 5 chapters.

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