Gaslamp Cases 4: The Arcane Village

Help Morgan Johnson and Jack Brown solve a new mystery in a cursed village!

Detective Morgan Johnson and his partner Jack Brown have solved countless mysteries that have confused their colleagues, but the identity of their pal Eleanor has remained unknown. Eleanor is nowhere to be found, having vanished in search of these answers, and they decide it is their duty as her friend to aid. While following Eleanor's trail, Morgan and Jack become stranded in a remote community where terrible rituals are performed. As Jack and Morgan travel deeper into the darkness that surrounds the strange community, they will learn that their lives are in danger.





- Discover the truth about the town

- Solve hard match-3 levels

- Unlock 20 upgrades along the way

- Assist Morgan in one of the most perilous investigations yet

- 5 chapters that transport the detectives into a dark mystery

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