1001 Jigsaw Six Magic Elements

Jigsaw 1001.
6 Magic Elements is an intriguing puzzle game that allows you to experience the 6 elements.

1001 Jigsaw Six Magic Elements is an exciting puzzle game and a fantastic opportunity to feel the 6 magic elements. Assemble jigsaws from a multitude of pieces and learn the history in 1001 high-quality photos. You may now play your favorite puzzle game while still traveling without leaving your house! Set the difficulty of each puzzle to your liking! You can save your progress at any time! The game is made more enjoyable by simple controls and a plethora of hints and aids. The game is suitable for both newcomers and seasoned puzzle game players. An exciting immersion into the magic world. Luxury decoration, beautiful landscapes, waterfall, wizards, and magnificent castles of all time... This is a unique opportunity to feel 6 magic elements in your hand by playing 1001 Jigsaw Six Magic Elements. It is a game and a source of inspiration. 1001 high-quality photographs of famous sights galore, plus architecture, magic, art, national traditions, history… You can learn about the 6 main magic elements and what applies to them right now!





- 1001 high-quality unique images

- Well-designed game-play: useful hints, sort tool, and magnifying glass.

- Optional game difficulty control makes your gameplay infinite

- Custom styles of pieces with rotation

- Save game progress and continue to collect the puzzle at any time

- Tasks and colorful trophies for those who love excitement

- Pleasant and relaxing music

- Get 1001 puzzles for one purchase

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