1001 Jigsaw Legends Of Mystery 6

1001 Jigsaw Legends Of Mystery 6 is a puzzle game.
It is time to confront alien forces!

There are otherworldly forces and you can verify this by assembling the puzzle pieces in 1001 Jigsaw Legends Of Mystery 6. Select the desired level of difficulty to get the most out of the challenge. Make the task more difficult and only use the hint when it is absolutely necessary. The game includes useful gathering tools such as a magnifier, pocket, preview, and others. You can save the puzzle at any time and return to it later! This game is appropriate for both beginners and experts.





- 500 high-quality pictures

- Sophisticated game modes with easy hints, sorting, and a magnifying glass

- Individual difficulty settings for each puzzle allow you to play ad infinitum

- Function to disable puzzle piece rotation mode

- Possibility to save and continue the puzzle at any time

- For those who like excitement there are special tasks and colorful trophies

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