1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 9

Explore our planet without ever leaving your house!
Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 1001

Fans of classic jigsaws will adore the 1001. Jigsaw! It's in honour of our wonderful planet Earth! Take a new look at our incredible and one-of-a-kind universe. Amazing flora, a strange underwater world, colourful birds, creatures from other continents, stunning landscapes, and natural treasures await you in this collection of themed puzzles. Set out on a fantastic journey throughout the world. Take a boat ride on stunning alpine lakes, go from the icy locations of Northern Europe to the balmy lands of Africa, and wander through grand eastern temples to learn about the world's most varied civilizations! In 1001 Jigsaw: Earth Chronicles 9, you'll find all of this and more. Discover our world without ever leaving your house!





- High quality unique images

- Well-designed game-play: useful hints, sort tool, and magnifying glass

- Infinite gameplay with optional game difficulty control

- Custom types of parts with rotation

- Save game progress and continue to gather the puzzle at any time

- Pleasant and peaceful music

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