1001 Jigsaw Cute Cats 3

Prepare to have some purrfect fun!
1001 Jigsaw Cute Cats 3 is a puzzle game.

These adorable and clumsy kitties are sure to brighten your day! Prepare to have some purrfect fun! This is a basic game that lets you store your progress while taking a break, use suggestions to help you get through levels, and alter the difficulty if a puzzle is too difficult. Because the game is so thorough, it is appropriate for all types of gamers.





- 500 high-quality images

- Sophisticated game mode: easy tips, sorting, and a magnifier

- Individual difficulty settings for each puzzle allow you to play indefinitely

- Feature to turn off the rotation mode of puzzle pieces

- The ability to save and continue a puzzle at any time

- Special tasks and colourful trophies for those who like excitement

- Pleasant relaxing music

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120 MB

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