Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop

In this unique blend of an agricultural sim and hidden object, discover frosty Dahlia Farms!

Discover the picturesque Dahlia Farms' snow-covered rolling hills in this unusual hidden object/farming simulation blend! Kaylee took over the farm after Floyd and Dahlia retired, but she's a little out of her element as winter approaches. Assist Kaylee and Harry in constructing greenhouses so they may continue operating the farm throughout the winter. Look for goods to sell at the market in each of the farm's snowy locations, plant and harvest crops, accept requests from the locals, tend to your farm's animals, and purchase upgrades to make the property better. Even so, you have price control. Make Dahlia Farms function more smoothly than ever by collecting bonuses and unlocking new things to purchase from the shop! In your quest to grow the best crops in Farmington, solve over 85 different puzzles and win over 50 trophies.





- Stunning winter graphics!
- There are more than 85 puzzles
- 90 farm upgrading possibilities
- Dozens of unlocking trophies
- And randomly generated hidden objects that alter each level!

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