Detective Agency Mosaics 2

Find out who the real culprit is!
Throughout Detective Agency Mosaics 2,

From the Seagull restaurant, Sebastian Perkins, co-owner of a stylish and profitable hat shop, was brought to the intensive care unit. After becoming paralyzed from extreme drinking, Mr. Perkins is currently in serious condition. The physicians have not given a prognosis. The results of the investigation will indicate if the businessman was poisoned after crossing someone or whether this is the result of unhygienic circumstances at the restaurant. And Sharon Holmes goes to work while the police are unable to track down the offender! Take part in the investigation. Examine the specifics of the suspects' relationship in detail. Lift the curtain on the riddles of the past and finally identify the real offender!





- Magnificent nonograms available in up to six colors
- Extra mini-games
- Logic-based game
- Engaging gameplay throughout 120 levels
- A variety of tile skins to select from
- Upgradeable power-ups to assist you during the game

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