DayDream Mosaics

Step inside a captivating realm of mosaics!
Imaginary Mosaics

Step inside a fascinating mosaics wonderland! Travel through a land of old to reconstruct peaceful havens from the past. Over 100 levels of casual fun await you when you use logic and intuition to uncover beautiful images hidden in numerical patterns. You can create peaceful havens within realistic scenes by using the gems you've gathered in between levels. Once you've created these fantastical landscapes, you can set them as wallpaper for your desktop. Daydream Mosaics' already extensive feature set is enhanced with captivating graphics and calming music. Excellent mosaics with a maximum of six colors are one of the features. Over 100 nonogram levels can be solved. Construction of peaceful havens. Select one of the three available play modes. Every nonogram follows a logical path. Choose from an assortment of tile coverings. Beautiful backgrounds. A soundtrack that is ethereal.

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