Daydream Mosaics 4 – Shades of Blue

With Daydream Mosaics 4 - Shades of Blue, embark on an all new Daydream Mosaics adventure.

Discover a whole new Daydream Mosaics where life's worries disappear! Give Maris your support as she leads the Azure Seas and works to restore stunning marine sanctuaries. To assist Juliette in completing her mission, open the Crimson World entrance. With a little bit of creativity and intuition, uncover images hidden inside mathematical groupings spanning over 120 exciting levels. Jigsaw puzzles, Hidden Object, and Spot the Differences are a few more mini-challenges you can take on to acquire more resources. Savor the stunning sights and soothing music that complete the long list of features. Savor the next installment of Juliette's gripping story as she attempts to preserve the Twin Worlds.





-Prove that you can solve mosaic puzzles with up to six colors.
- To assess your deciphering skills, finish a set of 120 nonogram levels.
- Restore historic temples to their pre-colonial majesty.
- Select from 4 distinct play styles according to your tastes.
- Appreciate replayable minigames like jigsaw puzzles and hidden object games by playing them repeatedly.
- Get engrossed in an engaging story that never lets up.
- A logical puzzle is the driving force behind the creation of every nonogram.
- To personalize your experience, pick from a variety of tile skins.
- Use beautiful wallpapers to adorn your screen to enhance its visual appeal.
- Drift off into a state of reverie while listening to the entrancing music.

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