Catherine Ragnor and the Legend of the Flying Dutchman

Accompany Catherine Ragnor in her expedition with the Flying Dutchman to find the three mythical riches.

After falling victim to a curse, Captain Hendrick van der Decken of the Flying Dutchman is condemned to sail the seas for all eternity without ever setting foot on land. The path to redemption, however, is revealed to him by chance when he crosses paths with another cursed pirate. Three legendary riches have been found over the seas. After all three have been brought back to their hallowed treasure room, they will grant one wish. To find the three fortunes and break the curse, they united. However, they are not the only ones pursuing the wealth. The captain may start to question his true goals as he encounters new allies and enemies on the treacherous route to wealth.





- Thrilling story of pirates, curses, and a search for lost treasure

- Colorful group of characters, including Captain Catherine Ragnor

- Five chapters and twenty upgrades to examine

- Difficult match-3 puzzles to solve while looking for the three fabled treasures

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