Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Volume 7

This collection has four excellent hidden object experiences!

This collection has four excellent hidden object experiences! Drama, mystery, and mind-blowing graphics will keep you entertained for hours.


This four-pack contains...


The Sandman's Dreamscapesbr Laura was safe from nightmares when her father handed her the Dreamcatcher. But, following his untimely death, the Dreamcatcher vanished, and Laura fell into an eternal nightmare. Nobody could rouse her. You can, however, strive to save Laura! Take a risky voyage to Laura's terrible dreams, dispel her awes, confront her fears, answer various riddles in Laura's mind, and locate clues to her redemption with the help of Professor Sanders and his machine. With this breathtaking point-and-click adventure game, you must collect all of the parts of the lost Dreamcatcher and assist the girl in returning to the real world!


Nightmare's Heir is the sequel to Dreamscapes.
Laura's dreams are no longer a problem for her. Despite the fact that she has been out of a coma for two years, she is haunted by the Sandman's promise of vengeance. Laura and Tim decide to go skiing to distract her from her worries. Misfortune befalls her there, on the edge of the earth. Tim flees their cabin and falls down a cliff in a fit of insanity. He is not dead, but he is in a coma. Is it the Sandman's fault? Laura has the ability to wake her husband, but she has pledged not to use it for her personal gain. She now has two options: either watch her beloved slowly die in the hospital or seek the assistance of an old acquaintance (The Player) who once assisted her. Laura chooses to visit an old friend, travels back in time to avoid detection by the physicians, and infiltrates Tim's ward. She then assists The Player in entering Tim's subconscious, whose body is being possessed by the Sandman. The Sandman is employing his classic strategy of inducing nightmares in order to suppress the victim's will to resist. Will The Player be able to wake Tim before the Sandman transforms him into his heir?


Templar Mystery: Jane Angel
The Knights Templar was created during the Crusades to defend sacred sites and holy items, according to Jane Angel Templar Mystery.  As the Knights' authority and fortune expanded, Philip IV of France disbanded them and took their store of holy treasures, including the Holy Grail, which has since been lost to history. Until today, that is...Join FBI agent Jane Angel as she investigates what begins as a typical case of medieval coin smuggling but quickly leads her throughout the world in quest of the Knights Templar's hidden jewels. Could she really uncover the Holy Grail? Jane Angel Templar Mystery will answer all of your questions!


Spirit World Detective
It's time to show everyone that you're the best at detecting concealed objects. Test your reaction time with nonstop, round-based hidden object sequences that will put your recall and attention to detail to the test. Find things to increase your score and get stars! If playing against the clock isn't your thing, play the game in a more relaxing manner.

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