Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Volume 6

Four exciting adventures await you!

This fantastic bundle contains four great Hidden Object adventures! You'll be entertained by new Hidden Object gameplay as well as enticing mysteries to solve.


This four-pack includes...


Apothecarium - Renaissance of Evil

There are rumours of a town that holds the secret to curing horrible diseases... Apothecarium. People are now disappearing from there. It is up to you in Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil to discover the truth. Visit Renaissance Italy to discover the riddle of an ancient evil and save innocent souls. In this engaging hidden object game, you must search for clues and solve puzzles. Welcome to the Italian Renaissance...


VooDoo Chronicles - The First Sign
Assist James Voodoo in his investigation of a perplexing mystery involving the rescue of a city from a horrific monster onslaught! Travel with him from the desolate hamlet of Ravenhill to Richtown, the richest metropolis in the world. Travel by ship, or perhaps a massive military airship. Discover the vanished tribe's secret, solve the enigma of the mysterious man who follows you everywhere, and learn the narrative of a charming beauty named Kitty.


Search for the Wonderland
Do you enjoy hidden object games as much as we do? Consider yourself an expert. Test your abilities with nonstop, round-based hidden object sequences. The faster you find the object, the greater your score! If you want a more relaxing experience, consider playing the game in relaxed mode!


The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A monster lurks in the gloomy fog of Victorian London at the turn of the nineteenth century. A small girl was stomped, a member of Parliament was slain, and a street vendor was beaten. Who is to blame for these crimes? Mr. Utterson realizes that the case is not about his friend Dr. Jekyll but about the dreadful person who is staying at his house: Mr. Hyde. Step into Mr. Utterson's shoes and discover the dreadful link that connects Dr. Jekyll to the evil Mr. Hyde... Is it possible to break it? It is your responsibility to uncover the mystery!

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