Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Vol. 9

This collection has four fantastic hidden object experiences!

Another fantastic hidden object bundle with four popular titles! This is what you get...

Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune
A long time ago, a terrible witch decided she had to marry a prince. She'd have to locate one who wasn't already engaged to a lovely princess, which was a very uncommon commodity. It was then that a seed of a plot blossomed in her dark soul: any prince who rejected her would transform into a frog! Surely the prospect of being converted into an amphibian would persuade some prince to call off his engagement and marry the witch! Assist the charmed princes in escaping the witch, reaching their wives, and breaking the spell with a true love kiss.

Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light
In Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light, Jane and Mike are separated after their yacht is sunk by a terrible storm. Jane wakes up on a strange island and must now figure out what happened. Assist her in reuniting with Mike before it's too late! Discover a dark truth about the island by exploring spectacular hidden object scenes and solving tough riddles.

Apothecarium World
The plague has struck Renaissance Italy. The remedy could be found in a famous city, but does it even exist? It's time to show everyone that you're the best at finding legendary goods. Do you regard yourself as an expert? Put your reflexes to the test with nonstop round-based hidden object sequences! Try your luck, memory, and attention, and complete all of the tasks that will provide you with a game. Find objects as rapidly as possible to increase your score and get stars! If playing against the clock isn't your thing, play the game in a more relaxing manner.

Catch the Witch
A young witch, Alice, decides to become a pupil of Circe, one of the most powerful witches in the realm, in order to develop her powers. After learning that Circe intends to turn all of the great princes into frogs until one of them marries her, Alice turns against the witch. She must now undo the curse placed on all princes and restore peace to all kingdoms.

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