Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Vol. 8

Another fantastic hidden object bundle!

Another fantastic hidden object bundle with four popular titles! What you get is...


Taken Souls - Blood Ritual
Thousands of years ago, people employed magic alongside technology on a regular basis. When tensions erupted between technicians and magicians, it was determined to split the universe in two, one for each side. This arrangement would last 10,000 years before the two sides merged again. However, during the parade of planets, humanity may need to join forces sooner than expected...


Spirit of the Ancient Forest
A humble girl, Sarah, embarks on an adventurous adventure to the Ancient Forest. She hears from a forest magician that the Great Tree, the soul of the Ancient Forest, is in peril. The Dark Lord poisoned the Great Tree's Heart with the help of his vassals. Sarah and her companions will have to foil the Lord's plans, confront him in his Citadel, and save the Great Tree.


Home Makeover
Assist Emma in restoring her Grandparents' ancient house to its former splendour! Make money by holding a jumble sale where you may buy a range of furniture goods! With over ten various game types and endless levels in 15 stunning locations, you'll never be bored with this game! Home Makeover contains exciting match-3 minigames as well as hidden objects and time management gameplay!


Home Makeover 2
Help Emma save and decorate his Uncle's house! Home Makeover has returned, bigger and better than ever! This wonderful Hidden Object game is simple to play, grabs your interest quickly, and is highly addictive! It incorporates three of the most popular game mechanics: Hidden Object, Time Management, and Match 3!

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