Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Vol. 3

Four fascinating Hidden Object games in one!

The Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Volume 3 is back and as popular as ever! With the following exciting titles, this pack will keep you entertained for hours...


The Curse of Silent Marshes
You are visiting your hometown with all your old friends, staying up late and having a good time at the bar owned by your friend Mel when you are suddenly attacked. Everything happens so quickly that all you can remember is the awful mocking of a carnival clown. You could only run and not look back. You eventually passed out, waking up the adjacent swamp. You're confused and disoriented, with no idea what happened or where your companions could have gone. You must now solve the secret of your attack and face a wrath voodoo demon!


Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus
Track down, criminal art thieves. Just a few days ago, art lovers from all over the world flocked to see Botticelli’s masterpiece, The Birth of Venus, but now nothing but an empty frame sits in its stead! In this mystery hidden object game, assist inspector Francesca di Porta in her search for clues to track down the perpetrators. Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus has you on the case! The luxurious cruise ship Empire has been boarded by rich guests, a world-renowned art exhibition...and a thief. When the exhibition's centrepiece, The Birth of Venus, is stolen, legendary detective Francesca di Porta interrupts her well-deserved vacation to calm the passengers. Speak with witnesses, look for clues, and do all possible to solve the case and return to your holiday! Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus 2 is a creative and traditional hidden object game.


A mysterious man visits young yet well-known exorcist Garret Ghostfighter. The man challenges Garret to travel to a remote town where residents worry about a house plagued by spirits. Assist Garret in tracking down and eliminating the evil spirits that sprung from a villain's fevered head. Exorcist will reveal a narrative of love gone bad as you exorcise the spirits!





  • Hundreds of hours of gaming!Hundreds of hidden artefacts to find
  • Enthralling storylines
  • Difficult mini-games
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