Amanda’s Sticker Book: Amazing Wildlife

Aid Amanda in writing five sticker books that have won awards.

Amanda is aiming for bigger heights after winning her first sticker book competition. An international sticker book competition is on the horizon, with the grand prize being a trip around the world. Amanda needs to be at her best in order to participate worldwide, so she chooses to create five different sticker books, all with wildlife themes. To assist Amanda in achieving her dream, you'll solve 79 puzzle levels spread among the five sticker books. Each is filled with matching stickers as well as special power-ups to assist you in clearing the path. Amanda is one step closer to winning the grand prize with each stage you complete!





- There are 79 levels to accomplish!

- Over 20 enhancements!

- Five sticker books to make, each with a different subject!

- Three important tools to learn and apply!

- Over a dozen elements to collect!

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