Amanda’s Magic Book 8: Among the Spirits

Solve the curse in magical Japan with Amanda!

A wonderful holiday takes a wrong turn! Charlie and Amanda's intentions to attend the Karatsu Kunchi Festival in Japan go haywire when their car breaks down. When they go to a seemingly deserted village in quest of assistance, things get worse since Charlie gets cursed and turns into a pig! Amanda now has to venture into a realm full of magic, spirits, and unidentified perils that she hardly understands. She's dealt with a lot of odd circumstances in the past, but this one will really test her. Can she get over the things standing in her way and save Charlie? Or will she give in to the evil magic that is all around her?


Features include:


- A wonderful journey awaits as Amanda finds herself trapped in a magical village.

- A strange new world is explored with a cast of new individuals, some of whom will prove to be dangerous foes and others comrades.

- Fun match-3 puzzles challenge you to collect the resources you need to proceed.

- 20 enhancements are unlocked to help Amanda in her search for Charlie's rescue.

- Five chapters full of intrigue, peril, and magic are explored as Amanda discovers the laws of this strange new world.

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