Amanda’s Magic Book 7: The Way of Belaii

Come along with Amanda on her exciting new journey with the Belaii tribe in a fantastic realm!

Amanda has had many strange adventures in various mystical places, but her strangest voyage is now upon her. Her anthropologist uncle came across an antique text that tells the story of a long-lost civilisation that once existed on Earth. Amanda, her uncle, and Charlie are transported into the text's world, where they discover a strange past unlike anything they've ever imagined. The peaceful Belaii people live in harmony with nature there, but a new foe is on the way, and their serene existence is about to end. Can Amanda help them overcome their fate?





- A thrilling new adventure set within the pages of an old document purported to be about Earth's long-forgotten history.

- Make new acquaintances and terrifying opponents as Amanda and Charlie navigate a strange land.

- Solve enjoyable match-3 puzzles to collect resources and unlock new story enhancements.

- 20 upgrades chart the trajectory of Amanda's adventure in a new five-chapter tale.

- Experience the fascinating lives of the Belaii people with Amanda and Charlie

- Join Amanda and Charlie on an adventure they will never forget

- Save the Belaii people from unexpected fierce foes

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