Amanda’s Magic Book 6: Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

In the captivating tale of Aladdin, accompany Amanda on her latest journey!

When Amanda and Charlie win a trip to a rare goods show in another country, they believe it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, an unexpected series of events leads them on yet another strange voyage, as they are dragged once more into the pages of a well-known book: One Thousand and One Nights. Amanda quickly realizes that this is the Aladdin narrative. However, she and Charlie emerge at different parts of the novel, and their wants may not be as compatible as she hopes.





- Cute embroidered pixel puzzle art.

- Interesting trivia questions.

- A soothing acoustic soundtrack.

- Simple zooming and highlighting functions.

- 72 difficult puzzles!

- No locked levels; play as you please!

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