Amanda’s Magic Book 2

Come back with Amanda to rebuild the book's universe!
In Book 2 of Amanda's Magic

Amanda believed she'd had her fill of weird experiences after fleeing the book, but when the prince she freed becomes stuck inside a magical book, Amanda journeys back into the pages to save him. The magical world inside the book is in disarray, but Amanda can leave again if she finds five particular artifacts. All she has to do now is find the prince, find all five artifacts, and restore the universe of the novel along the way!





- Enjoy a sweet narrative of friendship and adventure as Amanda sets out to save the prince from the latest mishap.

- Restore the book by unlocking twenty enhancements in a five-chapter story and witness the world come to life.

- Solve hard match-3 puzzles to assist Amanda in gathering the five magical things she requires.

- Follow Amanda, Prince Charlie, and the new people they encounter on their voyage!

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