Allura: The Three Realms

In Allura 2: The Three Realms, assist Allura and Glenn in bringing harmony between the kingdoms.

When Allura and Glenn fought the ambitious King Asher and achieved peace between humans and merfolk, they thought nothing could ever come between them again. However, on the day of their wedding, King Alanus of the Sea interrupts the ceremony and says that such a marriage is forbidden. Not to be deterred, Allura and Glenn set out to meet with King Alanus to find out why he is so opposed to their wedding. Soon after, they learn of a massive struggle between the worlds of the sea, earth, and sky, a conflict that has thrown the Earth out of balance and is only getting worse. Allura and Glenn must embark on a new adventure to achieve peace between the kingdoms and restore the realm's balance. Is such a fantastic task ever possible? A fresh story of Allura and Glenn, who set out to establish that peace across the worlds is possible.





- Twenty upgrades let you trace their journey from the depths of the sea kingdom to the kingdom high in the sky.

- Solve difficult match-3 puzzles to assist Allura and Glenn in overcoming barriers and restoring equilibrium to the land.

- Travel around three separate kingdoms to uncover the story of a centuries-long battle and work to make peace between rival kingdoms.

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