Alices Jigsaw Time Travel

With these 100 mosaic brainteasers, let the wonder of Alice's Jigsaw Time journey inspire you.

It's time to go! Remember how it was, do all the tests, and get to know the characters from the world's most renowned and beloved fairy tale. Magic, wonderful heroes, and weird visuals await you. Alice's puzzle. Time travel 100 mosaic brain puzzles with varying speeds and lengths. The graphics are made from high-quality photographs, with specially selected themes depicting Alice's wonderful world in a more modern way, such as stunning imagery, tea parties, white bunnies, pocket and grandfather clocks, card/chess themes, and much more.





- Dive into Alice's Wonderland in this new puzzle game!

- 100 distinct mosaics and 5 different worlds.

- Special objectives and rewards for the real pros.

- Timeless mode for people who prefer to relax.

- Meet Alice and your other favourite Wonderland characters!

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