Academy of Magic: The Great Dark Wizard’s Curse

Come with Dennis as we lift the curse!
Prevent the Great Dark Wizards Curse from affecting the Academy of Magic.

Dennis has spent his entire life on the streets of London as an orphan, practising magic shows to survive as he wonders what happened to his parents. That all changes when he enters a portal and finds himself in another world, a magical world. Dennis is told by an elf who claims to have known his parents that prophesy says he is the only one who can break the curse on the Academy of Magic. Dennis, fascinated by the strange world he has found himself in, resolves to do anything he can to save the school. However, the wizard who cursed the school still has followers, and lifting the enchantment may not be as straightforward as it appears.





- An engaging magical story

- Enjoy hard match-3 levels

- Follow Dennis' travels over 5 chapters

- 20 interesting scenes - A vivid group of characters

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