Academy of Magic: Dark Possession

Aid Dennis and his companions in battling The Great Dark Wizard's evil forces.

Dennis Griffin has foiled the Great Dark Wizard's schemes twice since finding his own magical power. He is now studying at the reopened Academy of Magic with his pals Elera and Maximus, who assisted him in his last adventure. But their success was only temporary, since the Great Dark Wizard is about to awaken...The defeat of the monster known as Ukhsar has put in motion a horrific chain of events, and the Great Dark Wizard's spirit is now looking for a suitable host, which it finds in the young witch Elera. Dennis and Max set out on a desperate adventure to discover a means to halt the Great Dark Wizard and save their comrade, with their companion possessed and the forces of darkness growing strength. Follow Dennis and Max's tale throughout five thrilling chapters





- Another story about Dennis Griffin facing a new struggle

- 20 improvements and interesting characters in the plot

- Help Max create alliances to battle the dark forces

- New match-3 puzzles to solve to finish the mission

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