Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune Premium Edition

Break the spell and assist the charmed princes in finding their true loves!

A nasty witch once existed and made the decision that she had to wed a prince. She would have to locate one who wasn't engaged to a stunning princess in order to accomplish this, which was an extremely difficult task. At that moment, a plot began to take root in her evil spirit: if a prince rejected her, she would transform into a frog! Some prince must have been persuaded to call off his engagement and wed the witch by the threat of turning into an amphibian! Assist the enchanted princes in escaping the witch, meeting their wives, and breaking the spell with a kiss of pure love.





- Purely rendered 3D characters
- A bold sense of humour
- Awesome soundtrack
- A large number of unique brain-twisters
- 3 difficulty levels

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Release Date
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1100 MB

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