Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger Premium Edition

Assist Sam in deciphering the poisoned dagger's riddle and save the Princess.

Accompany thirteen-year-old Sam and his companion Princess Aurora on a fantastic journey. A plot against the royal family is uncovered in the Kingdom of Aurelia just as this amazing world is about to enter an era of the Renaissance and technological advancement. It is up to you to assist Sam in tracking down the villain who poisoned the princess so you can save her before she is killed by the poisoned dagger. Utilize cutting-edge tools to aid you in your mission, such as Tim the robot and a special gadget that can read everyone in the kingdom's thoughts!This is a limited-edition Collector's Edition that includes extra content not available in the game's regular version.

- Bonus gameplay
- Concept art, Screensaver, and Wallpapers
- Replayable soundtrack and videos

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810 MB

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