Take a raspberry jam excursion to give yourself a tiny taste of a summer day!

Our hero's curiosity got the better of him while on a summer cottage vacation; he had to sample an enigmatic berry that was growing by the stream! It was no ordinary treat, for before he knew it, he had shrunk to the size of an insect and everything around him had grown enormously! Our hero embarks on a quest across the unseen hidden realm to try and understand what occurred and how to get things back to normal. He will encounter worms, spiders, and beetles on his journey and learn about the secret lives of small animals. The hero's newfound pals will assist him in locating a unique healing elixir that will enable him to return to the human world. The mission won't be simple, though, as we must gather enough raspberries to produce Grandmother's Jam before we can reduce our hero to human size once more. It's the cure for everything, as we all know!





- A summer jam adventure

- Juicy and tasty graphics

- Puzzles and Hidden Objects

- Calm music and ambience

- Sweet sensations of something extraordinary surrounding

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