Alicia Quatermain and the Stone of Fate CE

Take off on a whole new journey with Alicia Quatermain!

Alicia Quatermain, the granddaughter of legendary adventurer Alan Quatermain, sets off in India's jungles in search of a magical item. According to tradition, the Stone of Fate bestows immense power on its owner. To obtain the artefact, Alicia must avoid Secret Organization members, hijack their aircraft, overcome avalanches using the dog-pulled sledge, put out fires, extract water from deserts, avoid numerous traps, find and explore a mysterious town among the Tibetan mountains, make the monk speak despite being bound by the vow of silence, save tiger cubs, and complete a slew of other difficult tasks...whew! That was quite a mouthful! Will Alicia live up to the Quatermain name and overcome all of the challenges in her path? What exactly is the essence of the Stone of Fate? Playing Alicia Quatermain and the Stone of Fate Collector's Edition will provide solutions to all of these questions!





- Stunning full HD graphics

- Special difficulties for talented players in difficult mode

- World tour

- A captivating plot and interesting characters

- Puzzles and bonus levels

- A chance to save the world and obtain treasures

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