True Detective Solitaire

How does a real detective crack a case? Simple!
Finish all 120 solitaire games!

Who will solve the trickiest riddles and rescue the town from the impending threat? Who will figure out the hints left by the villain in the solitaire games? Only Holmes the Spioneer? No, True Detective's era is arrived! But how can the offender be apprehended? It's quite simple! After you've finished all 120 original solitaire stages, investigate every crime! In a new Solitaire game, try taking on the role of a True Detective as others watch Sherlock Holmes movies! You're in for mystical experiences!





- A fun solitaire game for both novices and advanced players!
- There are twelve locales, one hundred and twenty stages, and multiple difficulty options.
- There are also special accomplishments and medals for the more brave players.
- The game features excellent visuals and a fascinating detective atmosphere.

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