Travel Mosaics – A Paris Tour

Tour Paris with the Walker family!

For players of all ages, Travel Mosaics - A Paris Tour is an immensely engaging, vibrant, and educational game. As you follow the Walker family on their tour of the most well-known and important tourist attractions in Paris, you'll pick up new skills, solve challenging puzzles, and gather gold coins and mementoes. The game features 140 nonograms, also referred to as Picross or Griddlers, but unlike traditional nonograms, the ones in the game are colour-coded. Every puzzle conceals a humorous semiabstract picture. Utilizing your deductive abilities, complete the level by filling in the squares with the appropriate colour and revealing the image hidden behind the grid. While there will be plenty of assistance, to unlock the bonus levels, you must complete the levels without making any mistakes or using any assistance.





- 120 colour-coded nonograms, 20 bonus nonograms, and 20 extra puzzles enjoyable semi-abstract images that you uncover by completing each level and two difficulty modes for either a casual or challenging game.

- Tricky trivia questions about Paris - An amazing virtual tour of Paris that includes stops at some of the top tourist destinations in the French capital

- 120 colour-coded nonograms, 20 bonus nonograms, and 20 more puzzles

- Enjoyable semi-abstract images that you discover by finishing each level

- Two difficulty settings to select from for a lighthearted game or a serious challenge!Difficult trivial questions concerning Paris

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