Travel Mosaics 3: Tokyo Animated

Go on a family tour of Tokyo with the Walkers!

For players of all ages, Travel Mosaics is an incredibly lovely and intelligent educational game. Accompany the Walker family as they take you on a tour of Tokyo's most notable and well-known tourist destinations. Play the game to discover a wealth of interesting information, solve challenging trivia questions, and gather gold coins and mementoes. Increase your knowledge while having fun! Travel Mosaics has 140 nonogram puzzles, which are also referred to as Picross or Griddlers. But unlike the traditional nonograms, the Travel Mosaics puzzles have color coding. Every problem has a secret semi-abstract image that your logical reasoning will be able to reveal. Players who are persistent and focused will also be able to access 20 more puzzle levels that showcase the Big Mikan's beauty. Travel Mosaics is a fantastic brainteaser for anyone curious about Tokyo's past or its tourist attractions. It is the capital of Japan.





  • A stunning virtual tour of Tokyo, known as the Big Mikan, showcasing its main attractions
  • 140 colour-coded nonograms based on logic, 20 more puzzles
  • Mysterious semi-abstract images to be revealed on each level
  • 3 difficulty modes from single-color relaxed playing to real challenges with color switching
  • Difficulty quiz questions about the Japanese capital
  • Plenty of fun and educational content
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