Travel Mosaics 15: Magic Venice

Travel Mosaics 15: Magic Venice is a floating experience that the Walkers invite you to embark on.

The Walkers invite you to embark with them on a floating tour along Venice's captivating canals, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas and unique architectural designs. You may learn a lot about the most interesting and well-known locations in the Floating City from the animal family. What happens to the pigeons in Piazza San Marco in the city of Venice? What names did the doges go by? How do those who live in the City of Canals and tourists get around? What makes gondolas and vaporetti different from one another? Where in Venice might the fairies and dwarfs live? You'll learn all of this and more while you play! The game consists of 140 nonogram puzzles, sometimes referred to as Griddlers or Picross. Unlike conventional nonograms, the Travel Mosaics puzzles are color-coded. Every problem has a semi-abstract image that can only be understood by applying logic. For players of all ages, Travel Mosaics is an excellent brainteaser and educational game! Now embark with the Walkers on their journey to Venice!




- A stunning virtual tour of Venice that highlights its main sights
- Playback in both day and night modes. You can alter the tiles and background to your preference

-  Choose from 12 distinct tile styles and 12 backdrop patterns.
- Funny and educational dialogue between your favorite characters
- Four difficulty levels, ranging from easy single-color play to challenging multi-color play and in-app intuitive zen mode.

- One hundred color-coded nonograms plus an additional forty nonograms.
- Mysterious semi-abstract holiday photos will be revealed on every level
- Tons of fun and gorgeous scenery

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