Travel Mosaics 13: Spectacular Amsterdam

A much-awaited continuation of the Walkers' journey!
Presently in Travel Mosaics 13: Amsterdam's Magnificence

The Walkers cordially welcome you to partake in their amazing stroll along Amsterdam's charming canal streets. The animal family will divulge its trade secrets and provide you with a wealth of fascinating information about the most intriguing and well-known sites in the Dutch city. The enhanced version of the Travel Mosaics series is returning! The gorgeous graphics and visual effects, soothing music, and extensive tile selection will all be appreciated! There are 140 nonogram puzzles in the game (sometimes called Picross or Griddlers). On the other hand, the Travel Mosaics puzzles are color-coded in contrast to the traditional nonograms. Every problem has a secret semi-abstract image that your logical reasoning will be able to reveal. For players of all ages, Travel Mosaics is a fantastic educational and brain-twisting game! With the Walkers, set out for Amsterdam right now!





- An exquisite virtual tour of Amsterdam that highlights its main sights
- The ability to play in both day and night settings. You can alter the tiles and background to your preference.

- Choose from 12 distinct tile styles and 12 backdrop patterns.
- Funny and educational dialogue between your favorite characters
- Four difficulty levels, ranging from easy single-color play to challenging multi-color play and in-app intuitive zen mode.

- One hundred color-coded nonograms plus an additional forty nonograms.
- Mystery semi-abstract holiday photos to be revealed at every turn
- A ton of joy and a lot of beauty

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