Travel Cuisine 2 Sweet Life Collector’s Edition

Discover a delightful voyage over global pastries with Travel Cuisine 2 Sweet Life Collector's Edition.

Tammy and Matthew run a successful restaurant. Even if their wishes have been fulfilled, they still have a new journey and adventure to go on. The heroes will not be left behind as they set off on a new global adventure to fulfill a new mission: to become experts in the confectioner's art and learn how to make the best cupcakes on the planet. They are reliant on your company and support as they visit all of the world's famous confectioneries and overcome numerous obstacles. Be ready for a spectrum of emotions as you travel to different corners of the world! Take advantage of this journey to the fullest and learn all the baking skills!




- The best candies, including marmalade, cakes, baklava, and chocolate bars!
- Two young restaurateurs named Tammy and Matthew will accompany you on all of your trips!
- A thoughtful storyline, vibrant comics, and characters with distinct personalities!
- Gamers can experience the thrill of becoming a master chef at a prestigious confectionery with this captivating gameplay.
- An abundance of happy and ravenous patrons.
- Forty-five distinct levels.
- Three dessert establishments to work in a Turkish pastry store, a sweet kingdom, and a bakery!
- For players of all ages, over 25 hours of captivating gaming.
- A theme-based soundtrack that is pleasant.

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