Tower Of Wishes

Ascend the tower. Explore your history.
Visit the Tower of Wishes to learn more.

There have been Wishes Towers for countless millennia. It is rumored that those who scale the tower's summit may be granted their wishes. You were discovered strolling the town's streets five years ago. You were unable to recall your origins or name. Even though you currently run a tiny food cart and a house, you've always been curious about your origins. Maybe you should try climbing the tower. Enjoyable and family-friendly Match-3 is Tower Of Wishes. Minigames are also included in the game for a little more enjoyment! Play the game in any way you choose: timed, motion-limited, or infinite. Select the level of difficulty and graphic quality. You can either play the minigames or not.





- Easy to use
- 100 entertaining match-making stages
- Minigames: Solitaire, Find the Difference, and Hidden Object
- Customizable gameplay choices
- New varieties of runes and tiles

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105 MB

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