Tower Of Wishes 2 – Vikings

Have you heard rumors of an old tower that, once climbed, can grant your wish?

There once stood a building so tall that it seemed to float amid the clouds, or perhaps the tower's height caused the clouds to drift around it. In any case, if you ascended it, rumors had it that you could make wishes come true. It was called... Tower of Wishes. Even though your ship was destroyed, you washed up on an unidentified island, and your Viking gang was routed in a raid, you managed to find the Tower of Wishes. So, did you have luck or bad luck? Since they think the tower is Bifrost, some of your squad members are prepared to scale it. There are rumors that an old tower can grant your wish if it is climbed.





- Indulge in a Viking-themed atmosphere!

- Match-making games include Pipe Joining, Slider, Memory, and Solitaire
- 166 entertaining levels
- Additional Pipe and Slider puzzles!

- You can modify the gameplay settings at any moment!

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