The Travels of Marco Polo

Take a great journey with the well-known Venetian adventurer!

1298 in Genoa. The writer Rustichello da Pisa was incarcerated with a Venetian captain who described a thousand and one amazing places. Being a writer, Rustichello was unable to ignore the little anecdotes of amazing tales that his new acquaintance shared. He was persuaded to share his life tale by him. And that's how Marco Polo started telling stories about his travels after returning from a 25-year trip. The Venetian explorer recalls his travels from his prison in Genoa, including stops in Venice, Acre, Jerusalem, Armenia, the Himalayas, and the great Kublai Khan's palace.





- A Historical Point & click Adventure for the whole family
- Travel through exotic lands and meet many historical figures
- Solve intricate riddles
- Enjoy Pierre Estève's original music
- Embark on this story of love and friendship and experience the amazing journey of the Venetian explorer

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