The Top 3 of 2023

Explore 2023's top 3 games!

Explore the 3 best games of 2023!


Clutter RefleXIVe - The Diceman Cometh Collector's Edition - The most enjoyable and hardest Clutter yet! Over 2800 puzzles to keep you entertained for days!


Jewel Match Solitaire X Collector's Edition - Go on a Solitaire adventure, you'll get to explore a fascinating universe!


Or Can you save the Earth from the danger of Immortalite! in Rescue Team 15: Mineral Of Miracles Collector's Edition




- The 3 Best games of 2023 in 1 single package

- In Clutter RefleXIVe face over 2,800 Levels and Hundreds of fresh photo puzzles and Box Quotes puzzles

- In Jewel Match Solitaire X can you beat over 1,000 Solitaure level with 6 classical Solitaire games, 18 additional Solitaire variants and 120 replayable bonus Mahjong levels

- In Rescue Team 15 face down 50 levels and the exclusive CE only Bonus Chapter with 15 additional levels.

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